Managed Modernization

An affordable approach to supporting Microsoft 365 and transforming your business

We do the work of supporting, maintaining and managing your Microsoft/Office 365 tenant which frees up valuable IT resources for more important IT projects and priorities.

In our new normal, organizations are making  investments in technology to transform their business to achieve greater agility, resilience, enhance customer experience, and enhanced employee engagement tools to maximize the full potential of the workforce. 


That often means IT organizations and teams, are more consumed, and stretched thinner than ever before with pressing business demands to implement strategic projects while managing growing operational complexities and security concerns.

Not to mention transforming manual business processes, and applications are often deprioritized and put on the back burner, because there is not enough IT resources available to keep up with all business demands.

Managed Modernization


An affordable, cost-effective alternative for to supporting Microsoft 365 users, while modernizing out-date, legacy applications, and automating manual business processes.

How it Works

Discovery Meeting

Review our services and determine which ones are right for your business

Service Mobilization

After agreeing to terms the service mobilization process begins



We work with you to launch and introduce the new services to the organization

On-going Reviews

On-going reviews to refine the service,  and make adjustments as required

During our Discovery and Service Mobilization meetings we work with you to determine which services is right for you, prioritize solutions to address immediate pain points, and determine the governance process for any modernization projects.
Services Overview

Managed Modernization


  • Annual Contract

  • Can be cancelled with 30-day notice

  • Flexible coverage that matches your exact needs

  • Ramp up and scale back to accommodate peaks and valleys

  • Level 2 and Level 3 Support

  • Dedicated Strategic Advisor and Account Manager

  • Omnichannel support: phones, chats, texts, email, and web

  • Includes suite of self-service tools and ticking system

  • We also support existing ticket systems when available

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Expert expert engineers, unequalled agility and superior quality

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Our customers saves over 40% in existing  annual

managed services cost

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Self-services tools to increase adoption, training and governance

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24X5  Standard.  24X7/365 premium option available

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Save cost on projects by using lower-cost Managed Modernization rates

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Monthly M365 Security check and tenant assessment

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Certified and Experienced Microsoft 365 engineers

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Automate painstaking manual processes or outdated applications

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Monthly lunch and learn sessions to promote adoption and reduce ticket rates

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Every-green Advisory, adoption and governance services 

Supported workloads and applications

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Our experienced staff is ready to assist you

Microsoft 365 Administrator

Over 10 years experience

Comprehensive experience in all aspects of Microsoft 365 Administration, SharePoint Migrations, PowerApps, Power Automate, SharePoint Syntex,  and PowerPlatform

Microsoft 365 Developer

Over 15 years Experience

Deep coding experience with the SharePoint and SPFx APIs, PnP,  Teams, SharePoint, Azure, Power Apps, Power Automate and Modern Web Application development



Over 20 years experience

Ensures your company is getting the most out of Microsoft 365. Also responsible for ensuring the services we deliver meet and/or exceed your expectations

Note: team size and roles will vary based services provided and/or customer company size supported.

Why Choose Us


World Class Consulting Service Experience - we believe the experience matters from start to finish


Trusted Partner - We lookout for your best interest


Over 10 years in Microsoft 365 consulting and development.


Over 100+ successful Microsoft 365 projects


We focus on your success - You tell us your pain points, and  we collaborate with you to deliver the desired outcomes  

A custom made solution that saves you money!

Ready To learn more?


We Look Forward To The Opportunity To Work Together

We’re always excited to connect with new businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the capabilities, solutions, or project accelerators, we encourage you to contact us today to speak with a member from our team.